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About Frances Harrison

Spy Pond Partners - Committee Chair

Here are links to meeting notes and presentations from the 2014 TRB Annual Meeting:

Meeting Notes:

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Jim Ramsey - AASHTO IS Survey [wpfilebase tag=file id=30 /]

Doug Couto - CIO Roundtable Topics  [wpfilebase tag=file id=32 /]

Doug Couto - Technology & Transportation Emerging Issues  [wpfilebase tag=file id=31 /]

Terry Bills - GIS for Managing Big Data (coming soon!)

Motorola - Cloud Barrier Findings - FCC TAC Workgroup  [wpfilebase tag=file id=33 /]

Verizon - 4G LTE  [wpfilebase tag=file id=34 /]



Here are links to meeting notes and presentations from the 2012 TRB Annual Meeting:

ABJ50 Committee Meeting: 

ABJ50 Committee Meeting Notes

ABJ50 Committee Meeting Agenda

ABJ50 Draft Triennial Strategic Plan

Seth Earley - Semantic Technologies

Joe Pugh - Transportation Data Management at VDOT

John Simpson - Enterprise Architecture in Practice

Self-Service Information Access for the Enterprise:

Seth Earley - Information Architecture for SharePoint

Mark Kinkade - Building Bridges to Data

John Simpson - Practical Visions for SharePoint in Transportation

TRB Special Report 304: How We Travel: A Sustainable National Program for Travel Data assesses the current state of travel data at the federal, state, and local levels and defines an achievable and sustainable travel data system that could support public and private transportation decision making. The committee that developed the report recommends the organization of a National Travel Data Program built on a core of essential passenger and freight travel data sponsored at the federal level and well integrated with travel data collected by states, metropolitan planning organizations, transit and other local agencies, and the private sector.


Here are the meeting notes and presentation slides from our committee meeting.  Please note any corrections as a comment to this post.

ABJ50 Meeting Notes

Presentation - Doug Couto on Emerging Technology Trends