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Strategic Direction

Strategic planning is a standing agenda item at each committee meeting. It is necessary to be sure the committee considers the rapidly changing environment and emerging technologies.

Strategic directions for the future include:

  1. Identify emerging technologies and promote research that encourages innovative approaches to using these technologies.
  2. Identify and support the use of data analysis to improve safety, system operations, and security of our transportation systems.
  3. Identify and support research on ways to integrate information technologies with other technologies being developed for use on construction sites.
  4. Study organizational structures and relationships that best support the use of technology to better operate our transportation systems such as partnerships with the traffic management centers.
  5. Partner with the AASHTO Information Systems Subcommittee to maintain a tie to the State Transportation IT executives and seek ways to address their needs.
  6. Promote the innovative uses of information systems and data to address the critical issues in transportation.
  7. Partner with other TRB committees to include consideration of information system needs and data in addressing their functional areas.
  8. Identify the data needs of transportation executives and determine the best tools for providing assessments, decision information, and trends. There is a  growing need for more timely and responsive data delivery.
  9. Place more emphasis on research needs of stakeholders and monitor progress of defined research activities.

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