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Cross-Cutting Issues

Plans to Address Cross-Cutting Issues with other Committees

  1. Partner with the Construction Management Committee (AFH10) to create a joint subcommittee to support the IT in Construction Management activities.
  2. Partner with the Committees on Application of Emerging Technology for Design and Construction (AFH 30), Construction Management (AFH 10),  Strategic Management (ABC 10), Technology Transfer (ABG 30), Library and Information Sciences (ABG 40), Geographic Information Science and Applications (ABJ 60), Visualization in Transportation (ABJ 95), Public Involvement in Transportation (ADA 60), Geospatial Data Acquisition Technologies in Design and Construction (AFB 80), Intelligent Transportation Systems (ABH 15) and Critical Transportation Infrastructure Protection (ABE40)
  3. Partner with the committees working safety, security, and congestion, intelligent transportation systems, connected vehicles, and spatial issues to make better use of data and data analysis tools.
  4. Partner with the private sector companies to seek their ideas about market directions and investments in emerging technologies

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