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Critical Issues

Key Long-Term and Emerging Issues our Committee is Tracking

  1. Addressing effective organizational structures and partnerships that are necessary to create a responsive IT organization within transportations agencies and address the challenges and opportunities from the trend toward consolidation of IT resources by State IT organizations.
  2. Determining the best use of open source solutions when selecting IT tools and products. Adoption of a service oriented architecture or a hosted delivery solution shifts the responsibility for maintaining infrastructure to one of assuring service delivery.
  3. Development of a recommended IT architecture for supporting transportation processes and policies.
  4. Identifying the technologies and communications that support mobile activities such as traffic counters, bridge inspectors, road inspectors, and surveyors. There is also a growing need to support telecommuting for employee flexibility and continuity of business.
  5. Dealing with the convergence of multiple technologies for supporting construction site efficiencies, the vehicle information integration efforts, safety and security concerns, and data analysis with exponential increases in the amount data being collected. There is a growing issue with managing and storing this data.
  6. Understanding how advances in communication technologies improve and challenge the way IT is used in a connected organization.
  7. Understanding how social networking technologies can support the communication needs both internally and externally of a transportation organization.
  8. Understanding the challenges and opportunities of how web technologies support an open government by making data readily available to anyone at any time.

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